About Us

THE LONDON COOPERATIVE HOUSING GROUP is an informal, non-representative group of tenant-members from London housing co-operatives. We have no membership.

We have meetings, we organise and share information. Members and co-operatives choose to join an initiative based on the merits of that initiative.

Resource sharing web site

This web site is one such initiative. Primarily we freely share housing co-op policies and contractors to both save time and improve the quality of these resources.

  • Policy listings: adopt/adapt available policies and spend the freed time producing high quality policies that don't already exist. Then share these.
  • Contractor listings: immediately find recommended co-op friendly contractors who cover your area. No more ringing round.
  • Contractor wanted: if you can't find the contractor you want then ask for one
  • AOB: for discussion, news etc
  • Exchanges: post a mutual exchange offer

All co-op members are welcome to a login. We hope co-ops will:

  • use the resources available here
  • add contractor and¬†policy resources to the web site

Please drop us a line via our contact page.